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The Influence of Generative AI

In the rapidly evolving legal technology field, generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is making significant strides, transforming the legal landscape and the discipline of eDiscovery. As data volumes balloon and the gap in data-centric skills widens, GenAI emerges as a potent tool in addressing these data-centric challenges, reshaping how legal professionals and eDiscovery practitioners handle complex data sets.

The Critical Role of Vendor Selection

While GenAI's ascendancy in eDiscovery indicates a new era of technological sophistication, it also brings unique challenges. Concerns about data integrity and privacy, coupled with the complexities of regulatory compliance, loom large. Integrating sensitive or confidential information into AI models also raises questions about long-term implications, necessitating a strategic approach to GenAI deployment and management. These concerns point to the critical role of vendor selection when considering GAI-enabled services.

Reasonable and Rational Consideration

Ryan O'Leary, Research Director, Privacy and Legal Technology with IDC, in his recent analyst brief, "Will Generative AIs Transform Legal Services? Defensibility and Security Must Be a Focus," highlights GenAI concerns, considerations and concludes that quality, defensibility, and audibility will be essential factors in reasonable and rational vendor selection. (1)

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(1) O'Leary, R. (2024, January). Will Generative AIs Transform Legal Services? Defensibility and Security Must Be a Focus. International Data Corporation.